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Lavender Festa Kamifurano

A new event to color the summer of Kamifurano "Lavender Festa Kamifurano 2022" It has been 41 years since lavender became a flower in Kamifurano Town. You can enjoy the flowers of the town, which has been popular not only among the townspeople but also all over Japan and overseas, for a limited time this year as well as at night. This year, we will open a booth where you can enjoy beer using hops and barley from Kamifurano for one day only. Why don't you enjoy the magnificent panorama of lavender that is brilliantly colored with fantastic lighting?

Lightingup Event

During the event, you can see illumination of lavender around sightseeing tower at night, and can walk across the illumination at lavender farm in Hinode Park.
We will hold live streaming on YouTube at 17th night. If you cannot come to Kamifurano Town in person, please enjoy the experience through YouTube.
[Stream live on Opening Ceremony]
9th July Sat.

Broadcasting the lighting ceremony of the illuminations.

[Stream live]
17th July Sun.

We are planning to hold live of Yui Makino, Kamifurano Tourism Ambassador


Subject to change due to circumstances. Please note.
During the mini-live performance, photography and video recording are strictly prohibited in the venue.


There is parking lot next to Hinode Park. Tourist can climb the park on foot from it. If you worry about climbing on foot, you can use paid taxi to the summit. It is available at taxi stand next to the parking lot.
Please be aware that numbers of the parking lot are limited. There is no shuttle bus between the park and city centre.

Infection Prevention

Kamifurano Town is thoroughly taking counter measures against the covid-19 for this event. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter as follows.
We may change the schedule, or limit the number of entries as needed depending on the pandemic.
[Wearing a mask]

Please wear a mask in the park.

[Restricted admission for avoiding congestion]

There is a possibility of restricted admission for avoiding congestion temporary.

[Health Check]

We appreciate your cooperation on taking your temperature in the event conducted by staff.

[Hand Sanitizer]

Please use hand sanitizer before entering the park.

[Quite Walk, Appreciation, and Impression]

Please refrain from talking loudly in the park.

[Request by event staff]

There are some circumstances staffs may guide you for avoiding congestion. Thank you in advance of your help.

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.
Administration department of Lavender Festa(Kamifurano Townhall Kikaku Shoko Kanko dept)

Tel. 0167-45-6983