Lightingup Event

July13st(sat) 2024
Light up ceremony
Hinode Park Stage in front of observation deck(love bell)

19:30light up countdown

19:45mini fireworks launch

19:50 The Brioso Brass

The Brioso Brass

Founded in 2004, we are Japan's northernmost British style brass band based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. “Make the world happy! ” is our band philosophy, and we are active actively, mainly holding independent performances twice a year and participating in various events.


July21st(sun) 2024
Hinode Park permanent stage

10:00opening ceremony

juggling performance



Special performance by street performer “SATOYA”! Don't miss the flashy performance!

School band live performance with Rabeton


Elementary school school band and Kamifurano Town's official mascot character "Rabeton" collaborate for the first time!

Kamen Rider Gatchard Show Free viewing

1st session 12:00

2nd time 14:15


©2023 石森プロ・テレビ朝日・ADK EM・東映

Lavender Festa  
special event

Participatory! Quick gluttony and quiz


Food fighter “Angela Sato” attacks!

This time's competition is "Pork bowl". Will there be anyone strong enough to beat Angela Sato on the day of the event? ? If you are a big eater, knowledgeable, or a fanatic, you have a chance to win!

MAMI special singing live


Dosanko singer-songwriter “MAMI” appears! Enjoy singing and playing the clear singing voice!

Lavender Festa  
special event

MOS with Kamifurano Junior High School



A collaboration between the four-piece brass band "MOS" that appeared on "America's Got Talent" last year and received a unanimous vote of 4 YES from the judges, and the Kamifurano Junior High School Brass Band!

*The day will consist of two parts: a solo MOS part and a session part.

Tokuhara Umi Special Song Show

徳原 海

Fisherman's mother and Okhotsk songstress'', who has a powerful yet gentle singing voice, is back in Kamifurano!

Lavender Festa  
special event

Kamifurano Special PR Ambassador Yui Makino
special live



The diva, who is active as a voice actress and singer in Vietnam, Canada, Singapore, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, etc., will hold a special live!

Please enjoy the sight of lavender and her beautiful voice, which has been used in many popular anime!


avender, which is now called a Hokkaido tradition, was not originally a Japanese plant. It all started in 1937 when Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd. obtained 5kg of lavender seeds from Antoine Vial of France. Cultivation began in Kamifurano Town in 1948, and at its peak, Kamifurano Town alone produced 85 ha. Although the planted area has decreased since synthetic fragrances became popular, this time it is one of the most scenic spots in Hokkaido, and cultivation for tourism is flourishing. In 1981, it was designated as the town flower. Since then, tourism events in Kamifurano Town have become lively, and the Shikisai Festival, which enlivens Hinode Park in the summer, has continued for a long time.

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