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Popular scenic spots [eight views of Kamifurano]


Popular scenic spots [eight views of Kamifurano]

Kamifurano is a small town approximately at the center of Hokkaido. It is known for lavender, but has a lot more to offer. Look for other views just as beautiful by walking around the town.

Roller Coaster Road

The 2.5-km-long straight road has a large variation in altitude, with both gentle and steep ups and downs.

MiyamaTouge Pass

It is a popular tourist spot with beautiful and extensive hills and the breathtakingly magnificent view of the Tokachi-dake mountain range.

SenboTouge Pass

A scenic point where the view of each season can be enjoyed overlooking the extensive Tokachi-dake mountains and Furano Basin

Panorama Road Ehana

The straight road looks as if it is leading right up to Mt. Furano-dake. You can feel the sense of being sucked into grand nature.

Hinode Lavender Garden

The garden commands a 360-degree view of colorful fields of flowers, streets, mountains and everything else.

Wada Sougen Dongurinosato Grassland

This tranquil grassland that lies on the outskirts of the town commands a panoramic view of the Tokachi-dake mountain range and Mt. Yubari-dake.

Asahino Yamabiko Kogen Heights

The view of the Tokachi-dake mountain range seen from up close is splendid. The drive route is dotted with scenic points.

Tokachi-dake Hot Spring Resort

A high-lying hot spring resort where beautiful autumn leaves can be enjoyed the earliest in Japan.