Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist AssociationKamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association

Panorama Road Ehana


The straight road looks as if it is leading right up to Mt. Furano-dake. You can feel the sense of being sucked into grand nature.

It is 4.2 km from JR Kamifurano Station. Keep an eye on the small sign of Panorama Road Ehana along Prefectural Highway 581 and turn left to find the “eight views of Kamifurano” signpost. As you go down the 5-km-long straight slope that extends toward Furano Basin from the hill that is about 50 m higher, you will feel like you are being sucked into the nature-rich foot of Mt. Furano-dake. The course can be enjoyed not only by driving, but also by walking or cycling, while enjoying the panorama of the Tokachi-dake mountain range and Patchwork Hills.