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Asahino Yamabiko Kogen Heights


The view of the Tokachi-dake mountain range seen from up close is splendid. The drive route is dotted with scenic points.

Although Asahino Yamabiko Heights is one of the eight views of Kamirufano, it is a little-known scenic spot without many visitors. It is 7.5 km from Kamifurano station. Turn left at the sign from Prefectural Highway 291 leading to the Tokachi-dake Hot Spring Resort and go up the hills toward the Asahino area. There are extensive farms behind the trees along the road. The scenery changes every time you make a turn and you will get glimpses of the magnificent view of the Tokachi-dake mountains that gradually comes closer. When you reach the signpost of the eight views, the dynamic view of Mt. Tokachi-dake unfolds right in front of you (closed to the public in winter).