Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist AssociationKamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association

SenboTouge Pass


A scenic point where the view of each season can be enjoyed overlooking the extensive Tokachi-dake mountains and Furano Basin

Senbo Pass can be reached by entering the Rubeshibe-Kamifurano line of Prefectural Highway 581 from the Kannon statue along Route 237. It is a scenic spot commanding a panoramic view of the extensive and dynamic Tokachi-dake mountains and Furano Basin. With a large parking lot, restrooms and an observatory, it can be used as a resting area. It also has a little known lavender field below the parking lot, which is rarely crowded even in the peak season. At night, the sky laden with twinkling stars and the night view of downtown Kamirufano in the distance can be enjoyed in clear air (closed to the public in winter).