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Wada Sougen Dongurinosato Grassland


This tranquil grassland that lies on the outskirts of the town commands a panoramic view of the Tokachi-dake mountain range and Mt. Yubari-dake.

Although the entrance leading up to the grassland is near the intersection between Prefectural Highway 291 and Higashi 4-sen Road, it is a little-known scenic spot as the grassland cannot be seen from the road. There is a parking space at the corner just after crossing the intersection by following the guide sign on the prefectural highway. After ascending a slightly steep slope, a gently sloped grassland suddenly appears in front. The grassland where green grass pleasantly sways in the wind overlooks the Tokachi-dake mountain range to the east, Mt. Ashibetsu-dake and Mt. Yubari-dake to the south and downtown Kamifurano and Hinode Park in the background. It is a place ideal for enjoying the scenery while relaxing on a sunny day (closed to the public in winter).