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Lavender Map


Flower Land Kamifurano

Extensive flower`s panorama

Kanno Farm (Flower Garden)

Kanno Farm

Flower fields spread out on the hills and farms that grow delicious vegetables.

This is a hill farm located on the border of Kamifurano and[...]

Farm Tomita Lavender East

One of the largest lavender fields in Japan (open only during the July flowering season)


One of the largest lavender fields i[...]

Hinode lavender garden

Hinode lavender garden

A lavender garden located on a small hill that is filled with bright purple color and a refreshing scent from late June to early August.

Lavender owner’s garden on Miyama Pass

Lavender owner’s garden

Best 8 scenic points of Kamifurano.

Maintained by a shared lavender field ownership sys[...]

Mt.Tokachi Lavender Road

lavender road

Toward the Mt.Tokachi Onsenkyo from Kamifurano, for about 7km to the promenade of Fukiage Kamifurano-line along, lavender is the line of endless purple has b[...]