Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist AssociationKamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association

Kamifurano Cycling Course


Tokachidake Hill Climb Course & Yamabiko Highlands Route

This mountain course takes you through the famous lavender fields, and is even used in the Tour de Hokkaido race.

Patchwork Hills Course & Roller Coaster Road Route

This course takes you along the famous “Roller Coaster Road” and beautiful hilly landscapes.

Denen Seiryu (Gardens and Clear water) Route

Discover rural landscapes and little-known places around Kamifurano!

Furano Biei Cycling Course

This 80km cycling road winds its way through Furano City, Nakafurano Town, Kamifurano Town and Biei Town.

For families and beginners  Plan your Cycling Course!

Step1:Decide the rules

Choose a suitable course for your age, stamina and experience.

Step2:Prepare your bicycle

Rent your bicycle at one of the many rental shops. If using your own bicycle, make sure everything is in working order. Some shops can bring the bicycles to you and pick them up when you are finished, so this might help you to decide!

Step3:Make sure you have the correct clothes and equipment.

Take the right clothing for the season. Make sure you have something you can put or take off if the temperature changes, and don’t forget a hat or helmet.

Step4:Check the weather before you leave.

Check the weather forecast and decide your route before leaving. Also check you know the course, have the contact information of your friends, and have emergency contact numbers.

Rules and manners to make sure everyone can enjoy cycling in safety!

  • Inspect your bike carefully before you leave to make sure it can be ridden safely.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to cycle in, and a helmet and gloves for safety.
  • Obey all traffic rules.
  • Do not over-exert yourself while cycling.
  • Do not litter. Take your garbage home with you.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Furano Police Station
  • Kamifurano Town Hospital
  • Shibue Iin Hospital
  • Onozawa Seikeigeka Orthopedic Surgery Hospital

Recommended Clothing for Cycling

Rental Cycle Shops

  • Naganuma Bussan
    Nakamachi 2-chome 3-27 Kamifurano
    Nishi 9-sen Kita 34-go, Kamifurano

Download Kamifurano Cycling Road Map

Kamifurano Cycling Road Map(front) PDF
Kamifurano Cycling Road Map(front) PDF

Kamifurano Cycling Road Map(back) PDF
Kamifurano Cycling Road Map(back) PDF